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Devolo – When Conventional Wireless Routers Don’t Work

We all love using the Internet these days. With most homes having more than one computer a wireless network is an idea solutions to sharing your Internet connection. Hassle free, easy to set up, wire free. But what happens if a wireless router does not work in your area?

Yes it is possible. Some buildings, certainly some older buildings are made from such thick stone that wireless signals canWireless Router not get through. Even if they do get the signal through to your computer then the performance can be severely intermittent.

There are several other building types or locations that wireless routers will not function correctly or at all. So what is the solution?

Manufacturers, Devolo have a pretty decent solution to this wireless problem. Their dLAN system allows you to utilise your home electricity supply to share your connection to these areas that wireless signals cannot reach.

dLAN MicrolinkThe dLAN works on a simple principle. For this example let’s assume that standard wireless connectivity does not work at your premises. You currently trail a wire from one room to the next joining up your router to your laptop – far from convenient. Here is what you can do about it. Firstly you would need to connect your router to a dLAN adapter. This then plugs into a standard three pin plug socket. You are now sharing your connection across your home or office via your mains power circuitry. You now have a couple of options depending on your circumstances.

Assuming wireless technology does not work full stop at your property then you will need an ethernet bridge adapter. Plug this into a socket in the room with your laptop. You can then plug the ethernet cable into the dLAN and into the laptop – you are now successfully connecting to the internet without a wire through your house.

A neater option in using the dLAN is to still utilise standard wireless technology. In the room you are using your laptop plug in the wireless dLAN plug. This will then convert your wired signal into wireless within that room, so for example, if you could not usually get a signal because the walls were too thick, the problem is no longer there simply because the transmission is being sent from within the same room.dLAN Wireless

You can have up to 15 dLAN adapters running at any one time. This makes things extremely simple to set up a huge wireless network if required.

You may be wondering about security? Well all the dLAN devices have an encryption called DESpro. This is very simple to set up utilising a password. You can configure this very easily using the software provided. This will ensure that only intended people can connect to your network.

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    An Alternative to Standard Wireless Networks…

    Wireless networks are great. If they do not work in your home of office then you may think your only option is to trail wires about. Here is an alternative…

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